Since 2005, Professor Brian Foster of Oxford University and Jack Liebeck have collaborated on lectures highlighting Einstein's science and his love of the violin.

Einstein’s revolutionary ideas have shaped our modern view of the Universe and these lectures and associated violin and piano recitals present Einstein's Universe in the context of the music he loved - that of Mozart, Bach and others.

Widely acclaimed in the press and featured on BBC Radio 3 and 4, RTE Ireland, New Zealand Classical Radio, the BBC World Service, the lectures have been given all around the world. To book a performance at your school, theatre, science club or other venue, contact [Professor Brian Foster]

For more details of the two available lectures, go to the respective pages:
[Einstein's Universe]                     [Superstrings]

A full day of events is also available: a lecture in the afternoon, the other lecture in the evening leading to a violin and piano recital featuring works with an Einstein connection. For more information go to [Einstein Day]

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